Toys in the Attic

website for hostel-9

Hostel 9 website We just found out that the IITs have their own hostel websites. Each hall having their separate webpage and each competing to be the better of the lot. So here’s out shot at starting a similar culture in the campus.

Update: The initiative failed miserably. Not many people can or were willing to learn to build a website. One of my elder brother (cousine) is a very good photographer. He wanted a portfolio website to showcase his work. So me and my brother built him a website which could do justice to the quality of the photographs he took. The unique thing about this website was that it didn’t store the images in the server (the server had limited storage capacity). Instead the photos were kept in Google Photos and accessed via their api and represented in a customised way.

link to the website

Poster for Robodarshan workshop

Poster A simple poster of a workshop conducted by the robotics club of the college which I was a part of.

Instruo tshirt!

Instruo tshirt No technical fest is complete without good T-shirts. Here’s the one I desigend the year we were incharge. I also desigend the logo you see on the chest.

Instruo Website

Instruo landing Instruo page Next year I got to build the website for our tech fest.

link to website


Aadikara landing Aadikara detail Designed a website for a very special person.

link to website

Rebeca Website

Rebeca landing Rebeca page Website for the 78th REBECA. It was a privilidge.

link to website

Binayak Ghosh 2016.