So one more week just flew past! Progress: not much.. I spent the whole week studying..

Progress: Week 2

  • Got a pretty good understanding of SOAP and WSDL
  • Got and overview of the tls/ssl protocol and how the whole certification system works.. but the protocol is huge and would need some more time and fiddling to wrap my head around it.
  • Wrote a very basic soap service, secured it with https.
  • Was able to run my service from within the Jetty and secure it using https as well.
  • Hence I’ve got an overview of how Java servlets and servlet containers function.
  • Was able to verify the services security using wireshark to look into the packets and verify that they are encrypted.


I’m going to write another blog post explaining what I’ve learnt so far mentioning the source documents so that others in the team can get a better understanding of https.