So, the summer vacation has started, finally! But no relaxing this time around. I’m doing an internship at a company called Lexmark. The first week here has been pretty interesting.. the people here are cool, friendly. The work environment is also awsome, there are no restrictions or visible structure in the organisation. Very different from what my perception was about an Information Technology company.

The good parts:

  • KFC for lunch on the first day
  • Free Coffee and Lunch
  • There are Bean Bags in the office! ( in a office in kolkata! )
  • Games room and Gym :D
  • No pressure from managers
  • People are really friendly here.

The not so good bits:

  • The commute is hectic. It takes about 2hrs to reach the office!
  • Else, not much really.. will have to wait and see.

The work:

  • Work with the warriors team ( yep they have team names like that ).
  • Learn the frameworks being used: Java/Jax-ws (basically working with web services based on the SOAP model)
  • Learn as much as possible about ssl/https so the web services can be secured.

Progress: Week 1

  • Implemented some basic rest based web srvice using the Spark library to get a hang of how things work in java (my java knowledge is very limited, I’ve only worked with the android sdk, haven’t written anything else)
  • Next moved on to Jax-ws framework, got a basic service running.
  • Started learning basics of SOAP model and WSDL.
  • Used raw http POST requests to get a better understanding of how the whole SOAP thing works.
  • Got to know about a tool called soapui to test the web service, used it and got a more or less clear view of how the SOAP model works.
  • Today I’ll look at https and how it can be integrated with the Jax-ws framework.
  • learnt how to user wsimport to generate java classes from a third party web service.
  • Note: I’m reading this book Java Web Services: Up and Running which is so far seems really good. so if any one wants to learn Jax-ws this will be a good start.